NodeJS business logic - smart thermostat


I want to basically create a thermostat app for my home so that when it gets hot inside and if it is cooler outside then I will cycle the fans until temperature equalizes or becomes acceptably colder. But I’m not sure how to do this. I know basics of NodeJS and Express, but I’m mainly a front end guy and trying to learn more backend technologies.

Can anyone point me to an article that could be helpful or some sample code? I’m able to use Postman to actuate things, but I guess my problem is NodeJS and implementing the business logic.


Hello @Elsewhere

What devices are you going to use? note that all this technology is based on using cheap microcontrollers that works with C++ source code. But the project you are talking about appears very easy to make, so I recommend you reading the documentation and using the example codes sure that you can make it.



Thanks! The C++ and using is easy stuff. I only really code simple c++ and am decent with Node, but cant figure out basics of how to implement an https request in node on my own server to cloud for temps, then use a callback function that turns on fan if temps are too high.