Node-RED Plugin Version 1.3.0

Date: December 21, 2021
Component: Node-RED Plugin
Release Note: Version 1.3.0

Today we are announcing that we have released a new Node-RED version for with some improvements :partying_face:

It can be installed both directly in a self-hosted Node-RED instance, or as a plugin on private IoT Cloud Instances.


  • The asset iterator node shows the status of the request, very useful when iterating over thousands of devices.

  • All function nodes will keep input message properties, besides the ones used for the nodes output. This will maintain the field msg._msgid used by Node-RED to trace a flow, as well as make analysis easier for the end user.


  • Device create node is able to update details of an already existing device
  • Use of Keep-Alive header in http request to improve network performance


  • In bucket read node, aggregation is always shown, event when no bucket is configured


  • Updated bucket create documentation with correct values
  • Added seconds for time interval in bucket create for Node-RED page: Node-RED documentation:

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