Node-RED Plugin Version 1.2.0

Date: November 21, 2021
Component: Node-RED Plugin
Release Note: Version 1.2.0

Today we are announcing that we have released a new Node-RED version for with some improvements :rocket:

It can be installed both directly in a self-hosted Node-RED instance, or directly as a plugin on private IoT Cloud Instances.


  • Now it is possible to iterate over multiple assets from the Platform, allowing also the filtering by id or name with the use of basic wildcards.

  • The server events node has been improved to be able to subscribe to all available events from the events API, allowing the filtering by the main asset as well as some additional fields specific to the desired event.


  • Updated Node-RED version to 2.1.3
  • New asset iterator node


  • Server events node subscription possibilities have incremented for Node-RED page: Node-RED documentation:

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Due to some bugs we’ve found we have updated the version to 1.2.1. Keep this in mind when you update!


  • Asset iterator node failed when asset count was over 65K
  • Asset iterator node failing to retrieve admin role assets
  • Server events node subscription failed on some cases
  • Asset iterator node failed when saving with asset type or asset group and then switching to a different asset
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