Node-red not connect with external services: firebase, mongodbatlas


I have installed the node-red plugin in instance, but when I try to connect with Firebase or MongoDB Atlas, the connection fail. However, installing node-red in my own server the connection works fine. Someone has passing for the similar issue?

It seems that is a problem in the server configuration. How to request to solve this?

Thank you.

it follows the log connection.

The same connection works find in other node-red instance. That 's driving me crazy :frowning:

Hi! Our MongoDB Altas has a firewall by default, so we cannot connect from any place if a rule is not added. Is this your case?

Alvaro, thank you for your tip! I have changed the firewall configuration and worked fine.

Hi, were you able to integrate Thinger’s PWA/TWA with Firebase to send notifications (Android, iOS…)?
I’m studying a way to make this integration with the Thinger Server.