Node-RED Integration


Date: Expected to be released in September
Component: Node-RED
Release Note:
After several months without publishing our progresses here, we want to to start sharing our updates here as before. Today we have to announce that we are working in a library for Node-RED that allows working with Workflows, adding a vast amount of capabilities and interoperability to ecosystem.

Some of the expected features (nodes) for Node-RED in the first release:

  • Read/subscribe to device data
  • Send data to a device
  • Call an endpoint
  • Read/Write data bucket
  • Read device state (connected/disconnected)

This way, it would be possible to add intelligence and logic to the devices connected to We are planning also to add a hosted solution of Node-RED (under subscription) and integrate it under our console administration. What do you think about that? :slight_smile:

Additional Information

We have working now a preliminary version:

You can see the progress in the Github repository:


Good news!

Anyway, could we also use node-RED for timer/scheduler?
for example: We need to switch Off the lamp at 06.00 AM and switch it On at 17.30 PM, and repeat.

just my 2 cents.


Wow that’s really cool !! I have not worked too much with node red, but there are a lot of tutorials and surely it will be really easy for an unexperienced developer or a tech fan to make cool things with both platforms.

Congratulations and many thanks


Wow, thats exactly what the project needs! Cool, thank you! :wink: