Node-RED Integration

Date: Expected to be released in September
Component: Node-RED
Release Note:
After several months without publishing our progresses here, we want to to start sharing our updates here as before. Today we have to announce that we are working in a library for Node-RED that allows working with Workflows, adding a vast amount of capabilities and interoperability to ecosystem.

Some of the expected features (nodes) for Node-RED in the first release:

  • Read/subscribe to device data
  • Send data to a device
  • Call an endpoint
  • Read/Write data bucket
  • Read device state (connected/disconnected)

This way, it would be possible to add intelligence and logic to the devices connected to We are planning also to add a hosted solution of Node-RED (under subscription) and integrate it under our console administration. What do you think about that? :slight_smile:

Additional Information

We have working now a preliminary version:

You can see the progress in the Github repository:


Good news!

Anyway, could we also use node-RED for timer/scheduler?
for example: We need to switch Off the lamp at 06.00 AM and switch it On at 17.30 PM, and repeat.

just my 2 cents.

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Wow that’s really cool !! I have not worked too much with node red, but there are a lot of tutorials and surely it will be really easy for an unexperienced developer or a tech fan to make cool things with both platforms.

Congratulations and many thanks

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Wow, thats exactly what the project needs! Cool, thank you! :wink:

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Fantastic news ! Is this available already or what is the expected release date ? Also i second @astonix comment about the scheduler!


the node is available since some weeks ago in the Node-RED repository. So, anyone with an instance can try to install and test it. It is very preliminary and requires some documentation. If anyone wants to try it and give us some feedback, I will appreciate it!

Remember that the repository is open, so if you want to improve it or create some documentation, it is available here:

Regarding the scheduling, I think that it is possible as long as Node-RED is able to generate an event when required, so, yes, you can send a command to any device when required.

Do you have some feedback? We are planning to extend some features regarding reacting to device disconnections.

How to install Node-RED feature on existing thingerio VPS?

Hi, you can install a standalone installation of Node-RED by yourself, as any other regular instance.

Is this feature available on the hosted portal ?

Not yet… every Node-RED instance requires a single server…

Please let us know when this becomes available - i will be very keen to use this (specifically the scheduler function)

How to Config Server on node red for ?
Please give me a sample.