Node-Red. How to integrate?

I am a fresh user. I just installed on a VM. I would like to integrate node-red to it. I understand that I have to install node-red plugin. I did install the plugin using the following command: “npm install node-red-contrib-thinger” however, I cannot see any Plugin in the menu. Am I missing something?
Thank you very much.

Hello @Sam_Carli,

Sorry about the lack of information, the platform documentation is being updated right now to the newest features of server, that can be deployed in minutes at, and maybe this part is not completely claire, so I will take your question as a need-to-improve feedback =)

OK, let me explain: Free “Maker Server” is not able to run plugins as it is an old version of our technology that is not running Docker System to support plugins. However, you can deploy a Node-RED server in the same VM as Server and upgrade it with our library, being able to use it in a very similar way.

This infrastructure will be perfect for you to test the integration between both technologies and if it works properly fr you, I strongly recommend deploying a Maker Instance in order to work with the newest version of server, that provides a lot of new features such as data aggregation system, more plugins, and improved service.

hoppe you find this information helpfull

best regards!

Thank you very much for your fast feedback. I will try it in GCP when it will be available.
Kind regards

So I have a question. If i upgrade my account to Maker package, I can install and use plugin? Like Sigfox or Node-Red?

Hello @Life_Zero,

Yes, contracting a Maker instance at this link you can deploy plugins. Right now only TTN, Sigfox, and Node-RED plugins are available but in the future, it will be more than 60 plugins with different Internet services such as Platformio, Grafana, or Google Assistant.

But please note the difference between the Maker Instance and the 4.99€ Maker Account, available at the “upgrade your account” menu tab, that is only a shared-server user account of the community instance which increases your Devices/Dashboards/Endpoint limits but has no plugins support. This accounts are going to dissapear soon, when we finish other fields

Hope it helps!

Yeah. When i check your link. I had some confuse about Unlimited device*, that is about type of devices or number of devices?

Can you explain about that?

hi @Life_Zero,

Actually there is no limitations neither the device amount and the device types =)