Node Red flow for


Will there be a “Node Red” node to send to and receive from


Never thought about that. I did not worked too much with Node Red, but I think it could be worth to take a look on it! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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I think node-red act as middleware for IOT gateway , so the sensor endpoint <-> gateway(node-red) <-> thinger.IO cloud , and in the gateway , only send the value when the user is interested ( for examples , send average value every 30 minutes , send when hit certain threshold ) …


Node-Red may be one solution to the <> Alexa problem. I’m looking at it now!. Node Red might just be the Node.js based “software glue” I’m looking for ? I am comfortable writing low level stuff for Arduino / Energia based hardware / firmware, but less capable of dealing with API and high level based functions.

Hi @greynomad50, I think It should be enough with the API to communicate with Alexa. Not sure it is necessary an intermediate middleware here. Let me know what are the expected data flows from/to Alexa, and maybe I can help here.

However, I think that Node red can be quite useful for other use cases, like reacting to devices events, triggering alarms, interfacing with other protocols, and so on. All this server side that cannot be done right now with Some weeks ago I planned to develop a Node Red module for easily integrating devices in Node red environments. As I see in the developers docs, it should be relatively easy to do :wink: