Node-RED crashing

Hi there,

I’m working on a new development and I installed a new node in the Node-RED plugin.
This node has turned out to be a nightmare, as just by adding it to the flow, without connecting it to anything, it crashes the plugin and does not allow the plugin to stand up.
This is because it requires the installation of a program to function correctly. Although I don’t quite understand why it crashes as soon as it is installed.

All the logic we have in Node-RED is down because of this.
The backups we have are not very recent, so it’s a bit of an emergency.

The node in question is node-red-contrib-ffmpeg (node) - Node-RED.
Would it be possible to remove it via the console or resend us the current node-RED json flows for modification?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @SRG,

This issue has already been addressed on the Discord channel. Please refrain from posting in multiple places. For these kind of issues, it’s best to use the support channels:

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Hi @jaimebs,

Noted for future issues.

Thank you very much!