New Widget Led Indicator

¿Alguien sabe como funciona este widget nuevo?. Yo le cambio el valor manualmente y no sucede nada en él. ¿Que valores numericos hay que utilizar para que cambie de color?

Does anyone know how this new widget works? I change the value manually and nothing happens in it. What numerical values should be used to change color?

Gracias y un saludo.
Thanks and best regards.

Hello Moises,

The key with this widget is that you have to add some colour slots in the “Display options” menu, and create some ranges.

As you can see in the image below, I have defined many different ranges, that will allow the led changing his colour with the readed temperature. Note that there are some switches, that makes the led blink when this range is reached. You can cancel de blincking by clicking over the led.


Great thank you very much.