New Dashboard Features

Date: Available now in BETA
Component: Console
Release Note:
Some weeks ago we started to work in some new features for the dashboards! And much more are coming :slight_smile:

These features were requested by some customers, but they revert back also to the community :wink:

To mention a few:

  • Possibility to extend a simple widget to full screen!
  • Added a new widget (Tachometer).
  • Improved text widget: ability to set number of decimals, place icons, change size, change weight, link to another dashboard or page… !
  • Dynamic backgrounds. Now a widget can change its background depending on its represented value.
  • Improved layout on mobile phones
  • Improved form when creating a widget (now it is splitter in different tabs)
  • Other minor visualization improvements

And… you can test these features right now!

We are aware of some bugs and are still working in some improvements right now, but let us know what do you think!

Future widgets coming:

  • Led state indicator with dynamic colors based on value
  • Compass/Wind direction

Features we are also working on:

  • Data aggregation for time series charts (avg, max, min, count, sum)

Sounds great.
Will any of this be rolled out to the RasPI server?

Yes… all of them will be available in RPI.


Good news.

Btw, i’m still facing some problem that i had mentioned on my feedback here: Feedback for Thingerio version 1.6.1

Especially for point 3 & 4, how to eliminate them?

How to set thinger application on our VPS not to update automatically?
because it seems okay with the version 1.5.19, and our customer have no problem using this.

Hi @astonix, can you provide us access to your account/instance? We can analyze the data there. But it seems that your system could be providing some NaN/Zero readings to the system (maybe it is worth to take a look to the raw data bucket). Previously, there was a bug were zero values were not represented in charts, so, after the update, you started to see all those invalid readings.

Just now, i tried to program/flashing another device to test how it goes with temperature/humidity data reading. The data reading is good comparing to the installed device that i mentioned on the feedback post. I forgot using what version of thingerio library when programs it using Arduino IDE (the installed device).
I’m just thinking, is it because of i use the old thingerio library on arduino IDE for my installed device, or any reason?

Hi, no, the Arduino version should not make a huge different here. I suggest that it may be a problem with the sensors. Some of them, like DHT are quite prone to provide NaN readings. So:

  1. What sensor are you using?
  2. Please, verify the data stored in the bucket, to see the actual information it is being stored, and then plotted.


  1. I use DHT22 sensor for temp/humidity reading. It applies with our installed and new device, the sensor is the same.
  2. I just checked in the bucket. Found several data point had zero value, both temp & humidity.

You can check my thinger account on my VPS, i will PM you @alvarolb

So, the problem here is:

  • There was a bug in previous versions of the console not plotting zero values. So, after the bug fix, you started to see all the sensor reading problems.
  • As I commented, DHT sensors, for some reasons, provides NaN reading quite often, and they are converted to zero.
  • This is a problem when storing such information in a DB, as you are storing bad information, and its representation is not good.

So, possible workarounds here:

  • Use a different sensor (I recommend BMP280 over I2C).
  • Improve your Arduino code to detect NaN readings and avoid sending it to the platform.
  • Review your hardware, and check Google to see why DHT read NaN sometimes.


Thanks for your advice.
My first batch production of IoT hardware is around hundreds of units, and using the same DHT22 sensor for temp & humidity reading. The last one that that i mentioned here New Dashboard Features is using the same spec of unit. The realtime reading is good, as well as the bucket data.

I will research regarding NaN reading on DHT sensor.


More widgets in the beta. Now the on/off button can be customized!!


Hello Alvaro, first of all, congratulations on such a great work. The effort you put really shows up, and the platform is really easy to work with.
I have one question related to text output in the widgets: is there a way to have multiple lines text?
I tried embedding a <br> in the string, as well as all combinations of \n \r but all failed.
I am using the const char object to print out a log file that is multiple lines, and it would be very cool instead of having multiple widgets with one line each.

Hi @ramassin ,

thank you for your feedback. What you comment will be possible thanks to a feature it is going to be released quite soon. Take a look to this post.

At this moment, the beta console incorporates a new bucket selector that avoid some limitations of the previous interface. So, now it is possible to search for buckets and select the fields to plot much more easily. Here is the screenshot:


Moreover, we are going to introduce a new major feature here in the dashboards… that is the possibility to allow the user to define their own widgets, and of course, allow inject data directly from their devices or buckets. We have started to test them, and they seem to have a lot of possibilities. Just type the code of the widget:

And… have some nice custom widgets…

Like compass




Or even logging options

But there are endless possibilities… So, we are planning to create a repository of community supported widgets, so you can contribute with your own widgets and allow other users to use them directly from the console, just like any other widget.

What do you think about that? :smiley:


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The number of decimal places if so needed for my work, but there is an issue, no matter what I put in as a value it reverts back to 2 places past the decimal. I think it is just not persisting the value.

I have tried making a new one, a new dashboard, and other permutations but all have the same behavior.


thanks for the feedback, we will look into it.

Best regards.

How do I update my RPI server to the latest?

I got a dashboard that does not accept changes any longer, in the sense that it looks great until I quit the editing, I go somewhere, then return to my dashboard, and all the changes are gone… Or if while still editing, when clicking “Open link” on the shared dashboard, I see the old dashboard, not the current one. The name of the problematic dashboard is “Heating_Monitor” under rdhoore108, you might want to have a look and see why changes are lost. Thanks.

I made a new dashboard “Heating_Monitor_Dashboard” and that one saves changes just fine.

It’s really nice indeed! But would be really fantastic if one could use values from the device for the different limits. For example, I want the background to be blue if the temperature is less than the minimum. This minimum is a value provided by the device… Hopefully one of your paying customers will need this soon :blush:

Number of decimals places can be increased, it shows on the display but this selection can not be saved since it reverts back to 2 places when the page gets refreshed.

Tenemos infomaciones sobre esto, ha sido corregido ?