Need a widget to display nodered data on dashboard

i need to get helped in the following, i am saving data in data buckets, and i need using node-red to play with these data such as the following:

  1. get the data for one day before and get like the total amount for morning and total amount for evening based on registered date and time

  2. get the max summation of record per hour…for example…i will calculate the water flow per hour and then i should get the maximum out of that and display it on dashboard

  3. get the average

how i can achieve that


I guess there is no way to show a value just sent by a node red’s node, what I would recommend you is to storage the node red’s processed data into a bucket and then show it as regularly is done.

For the routine you want to achieve, you need to establish specifically the algorithm and then code it in a function node, note that the coding language is a javascript, to see how it behaves I recommend you to use the “debug” node and see its output.

Hope this helps.

ok great thanks, working on that but now I cant retrieve the data I need from bucket…i tried different payload code but cant get the required column value


Check how is the incoming message (by a debug node), maybe you are addressing the value’s tag wrong.

Hope this helps.