My private instance is down

Hello, it seems that the server has gone down, what can I do if I do not have access to my client in the cloud?

Attached is the response from my browser

Make a request from postman to verify that the server was up, the request times out because the server is not responding.

What can I do in these cases?

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It’s back online now.

I would also like to know why this happens, it is good to know so I can warn my clients that it can happen X% of the time

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I can confirm I had my server down too twice in the last days. Latest was this afternoon. Now it is back online. Never happended before, would be good to have some feedback from Thinger’s people.


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Hi! We had a problem with the DNS provider these days. But it was an isolated problem.

By te way, we are improving the overall monitoring system to improve stability. For example, we have agents monitoring all instances resources in terms of memory, CPU, drives, external accessibility, etc… We have flows checking this information and creating alarms, taking actions like reboots, updates, backups, etc. So, we have now resources to detect how the instances are performing. Of course, we did all of that with!

Here it is an example or our dashboards with instance information.