My device does not connect with my own host server

Hello guys. Do anyone here know why im not able to connect with my own server although I do all the steps from the website ?

How is your network setup?

I see that your Arduino gets an IP address from a different prefix than your thinger server has.

how can i setup my network ?

how can i setup my network?

I don’t know how your network is set up…

Just that your Arduino device gets the IP from your TP-Link AP.

But where is your thinger server connected? Is it in front of your AP? Can you access your thinger server with a mobile device connected to your TP-Link AP?

Can’t really help with no details from your side.

No, I can’t access my thinger server while I’m connecting to my AP with my mobile device

Well then you have a network problem between your TP-Link AP and your thinger server.
I assume your 10 network is your local LAN…and how is your AP connected? Is the WAN port of the AP connected to your 10 LAN?

A picture of your setup would be more helpful…

When I run my Arduino its connect to the AP IP address rather than my host server so what can I do to make it connect to the host server?

We still don’t know how your network setup looks in detail…so can’t help here…


is that what you mean by network setup?

You have different network segments, surely the virtual machine is doing NAT and that’s why the linux in virtual machine is in another segment.

You need to setup your emulator by someway to can communicate both networks, or to not do NAT and keep virtual machine in the same segment than your LAN (I guess the second option is easier).

Hope this helps

I changed my IP address using a host-only adapter but still the same problem also I forward the ports (80,443,25200,25202) in My VM also I tried to change from NAT to the bridged adapter to make my VM in same LAN

Can you help?

They are still on different segments, the issue is with your network, you need to find support using and setting up this virtual machine, after the device and the server are in the same segment, we can help you.