My device does not connect with my own host server


Hello guys. Do anyone here know why im not able to connect with my own server although I do all the steps from the website ?


How is your network setup?

I see that your Arduino gets an IP address from a different prefix than your thinger server has.


how can i setup my network ?


how can i setup my network?


I don’t know how your network is set up…

Just that your Arduino device gets the IP from your TP-Link AP.

But where is your thinger server connected? Is it in front of your AP? Can you access your thinger server with a mobile device connected to your TP-Link AP?

Can’t really help with no details from your side.


No, I can’t access my thinger server while I’m connecting to my AP with my mobile device


Well then you have a network problem between your TP-Link AP and your thinger server.
I assume your 10 network is your local LAN…and how is your AP connected? Is the WAN port of the AP connected to your 10 LAN?

A picture of your setup would be more helpful…