Multiple Sigfox Callbacks in one Data Bucket

Hey everybody,

i’ve already used the search function but couldn’t find anything.

My first question, how many columns and lines can a data bucket have? Are there limitations?

The other question is, is it possible to store the data of multiple sigfox http-callbacks to one bucket when i use the same token but with different variable names?

I hope you can help me.
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Don’t know how many columns, and for lines there is not a number the limitations is about time, in free accounts it remains up for a year.

I guess you can write with many devices in the same bucket, and get limitated by the write rate, in free accounts you can write just one data set by minute, I haven’t worked with http callbacks write.

Thanks for your reply. I think the bucket write rate of 1/60s is th reason to connect only one sigfox-device per bucket.

Well it depends on your measurements, if you need to refresh every device data at least every 60s, of course, but If you can warranty that they are not going to publish in the next 60 seconds when some data is wrote in a bucket, I guess you can use more than one device in the same bucket.

due to the limitation of 140 messages per day of the sigfox network i will only send data every 10 minutes. i think synchronization is manageable with a RTC for multiple devices

Another solution is to collect all data in one device (kind of a gateway) and post to thinger platform from this device, so the “gateway” in the one data array will post to thinger the variables of all the other devices.