Multiple Sensors with arduino Mega on thinger

Hi ,

I am new to thinger and facing a weird issue . So I tried using thinger with ESP8266 and a simple DHT11 sensor. It works fine. If I switch off the power to wifi module it stops sending data and the moment I plug it back it starts sending data to the dashboard that I have created on thinger.
But as a next step I have taken 4 sensors (DHT11, Gas, Sound, PIR) and interfaced them to arduino Mega along with ESP8266 module. Now, when the first time I upload codes to both Ardiono mega and wifi and keep everything on …it keeps sending data to the thinger dashboard but when I switch the complete thing/module off and power it on again…I dont receive any data on thinger platform no matter how long I wait.

Then I reupload the code to Wifi module to send data put it back to arduino pins and things start working again…Why is this happening I am not able to understand.

As far as I can understand, thinger works on pubsub model and the delay I can understand but getting null/no values after turning on the module is a mystry to me.

Kindly help someone. I am stuck here and have a demo in few days.

Regards and thanks in advance

You need to watch by serial console what is going on with ESP8266,

Add #define _DEBUG_ at first line and watch the device by serial console to see why the device can’t connect.