Multiple devices on the same chart

I am trying to figure out how I can have similar data coming from two different devices on the same line chart. For example, I would like to create a graph representing the indoor and outdoor temperature of two ESP8266 equipped with DHT sensors. The only way to do this I can think of is to use device #1 (e.g. indoor sensor) to HTTP GET the sensor readings of the device #2 (e.g. outdoor sensor) and feed those readings as if it was its own along with the readings coming from its own sensor. This, however, is not optimal as it will create duplicate values on the database. Is there any other way to select more than one data sources in the same bucket?
Thank you in advance for your ideas.

Hello @atzounis,

You can send data between devices using thing.call_device() instruction. Then upload both data to a bucket. You can read some information about this feature at this post:


You can establish bucket´s refresh mode as “Update by device” and call from both devices to store info in that particular bucket (there is documentation about how to do it), be carefull how often you call to save info at bucket, because there is a limitation to store info (for free cloud its one minute minimum).

I like more @JorgeTrincado idea, because you can assure that all variables will be stored, meanwhile this other method im offering if one device tries to write in the next minute after the other did, maybe it won’t storage and the data will be loss, don’t know how critic is your process and if you can allow some little data losses, I just offering an alternative method and you choose which one to apply :wink:

Hope this helps