Modifying the gap between components in a Dashboard

Hello, I have been trying many things to modify the “gap” that exists by default between the components of a Dashboard… I have tried to try modifying some CSS parameter (using the console) and I have not been successful, additionally I have added in “Developer .properties” adding “margins: [30, 30]” without much success.

It seems that this parameter is predefined in the backend, has anyone been able to do it?

Hello José, the same thing is happening to me and I claimed it in the publication of the announcements of the new version 5.1, but still no news… @JorgeTrincado @alvarolb
In addition to this, does a disproportionate Thinger logo appear on any of the dashboards?

Hola José, me está pasando lo mismo y lo reclamé en la publicación de los anuncios de la nueva version 5.1, pero aún no hay novedades… @JorgeTrincado @alvarolb
además de ésto no te aparece en cualquiera de los dashboards un logo desproporcional de Thinger?

The logo was already corrected