Mobile app on own server


I tested the mobile app on the thinger site and it worked like a charm to switch on / off two LEDs.

Then I deployed thinger on my own server and modified the program to connect to it. On the web interface it works fine and I can control the LEDs. On the mobile app (same installation as above and having the device also added) I added the device connected to my server by scanning the QR. When I select the device on the mobile app, it just tries to update but then doesn’t show anything. Is there a limitation in the mobile app that only connects with the or do I need to make any changes to it on my side.

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I noticed the same.
Is something intentional or a behavior that will be corrected in future releases?

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The current app works only with the server, source code its published, I tried to modify it but for some reason I even couldn’t open it in android studio(cant remember the issue, it was a while ago), its important to say that I’m not a coder, just trying to do things by my own.

I din’t look at the code.
But if the QR Code will carry information about the IP of the server, than shouldn’t be a problem to make a version working for and for other servers.
Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the answer

Hi, mine too.
Have you set the SSL on your server?
I think there is any correlation with the SSL on the self hosted thinger server.
Because my own hosted server didn’t set the SSL yet, and android apps can not work too.
What do you think @alvarolb ?

It is related with thinger server, the mobile app is designed to work with thinger cloud server address, not any particular address, and it is not customizable yet (that was I tried to do).

I just checked all of the Android client source code, and i didn’t find any code pointing to the thinger io server IP address or domain. What i’ve found is we need to point to the API package of thinger platform.
Have you checked the android client source code?

AFAIK, we just need to scan the QR code on our thinger server, and the android client apps should synchronize with the server.

Any other ideas regarding this issue?

Hi @astonix, there should be a part of the code pointing to “”. Feel free to change this server address to your own IP!


Hi @alvarolb, thanks for the clue.
I’ve found the file which is the interface API for android apps to connect to thinger platform. I’ve change to my own VPS server domain and it’s work.

It seems that the data that displayed on the android apps should be refresh everytime to view the updated measured data from the sensor, and the data that displayed on the IoT platform is more realtime than the android apps.