MKR1500 to MQTT


I am trying to connect an Arduino MKR 1500 NB to MQTT broker.
I did purchase the Maker account and tried following the tutorial settings found here

The doesn’t appear to resolve.

Has anyone tried this? or at least with WiFi.

Thanks in advance

Hi @giannismaskl

The endpoint for the public cloud is

Best Regards!

Hi @jaimebs
Thanks for the fast reply.

I did try and still can’t connect to the mqtt broker.
Is there a way to connect external broker and store data to data bucket?


It can be achieved by a RestAPI, but you need to make your broker sends the API request when receives the mqtt message.

It is a lot easier by thinger’s broker.

Hope this helps.

Hi @giannismaskl

For the mqtt broker you may use, or

Hope this helps.

Hi @ega,
is there a test code i can try? works fine!
Thanks fo the help!

Hello Giannismaski,