Memory footprint issues using Thinger


I am doing some tests of the Thinger libraries with an Arduino UNO + CC3000 Shield. The code generated after compiling the Arduino sketch is too big and it does not fit in the program memory of the Arduino.

This is the message shown by the Arduino IDE:
“El Sketch usa 33.416 bytes (103%) del espacio de almacenamiento de programa. El máximo es 32.256 bytes.”

Any clue to reduce the memory footprint using the Thinger libraries? What is the Arduino board recommended to work with Thinger?

In 2 weeks I would like to start a workshop of Arduino using Thinger, please, send your answers asap.

Hi, the default sketch for the Arduino UNO + CC3000, is different in my case (23,884 bytes). Are you adding too much code?

The perfect board for working with is the NodeMCU 1.0