Manage 'when' to get sensor data

Greetings. Is it possible to manage from Thinger via Streaming resources or another option, the day, time and period of time for a sensor to send data to the platform?

Yes, that can be programmed in the device, and use streaming resources or bucket writes to send the information. However, you need a clock in your device. Which is the one you are using?.


Hi, I am currently using an arduino one and a gsm board with a sensor. It is programmed to send the values ​​stored in a variable every x minutes but not at a specific time or day. I have tried with a ds1307 module to execute the function that sends the data but has the problem that if the exact time (08:00:00) is not recorded correctly, that function is not executed. For this reason I had thought of using Get Http Request requests on the sensor or another alternative.