LoRa to thinger

I’m working on a LoRa to thinger.io gateway, I was able to send data, and see it. Distance w esp32 & good antenna on receiving end 2 km with open sight. Receiving antenna is 10m above ground.

I use a raspberry PI as gateway, listening on mqtt messages, and a esp32 w onboard LoRa as receiving end. The PI manages the connections, for now only push data, device driven.

Hi! Nice, can you provide more details about your project?

Did you use the Thinger.io Linux client in the gateway?

Yes, I use the linux client & the API to check for registered devices.
i use mqtt like messages , which I send form one esp32 w LoRa to the other which then is publishing the message to mosquitto running on the PI.

The Linux Client again, subscribes to mqtt channels & if everything is OK ( Device is registered etc ) then stream the data to thinger.io

The PI also keeps a list of registered devices in memory.

Next steps I’m working on:
Also enable communication the other way around, first step is setting a value on the remote LoRa device .

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