Loosing API Configuration input values

Hi everybody. i set a project with a device (classic ESP8266) and with thinger Input and output values.
My device, for a connection problem, was disconnected for a few days and when it got connected again i lost my configuration of API (values of input that i set) going to the default 0. Have you ever had this problem? Why should it happan? It lost the connection many times but sometimes saved the settings… other no…

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When the microcontroller resets, lost the volatile memory values, if it connects and disconnects (but doesnt get a reset or power loss) it maintain the values, regardless the connection status.

To solve this, I recommend to write those configuration values into the EEPROM memory, this is a non volatile memory and the microcontroller can store there the configuration, the limitation is that this memory has limited writing cycles (close to 10.000 times) so that’s why is not recommendable to track a variable evolution in that memory, just configuration that is not modified so often.

Hope this helps.

I forgot to talk to you about the properties, this feature is the most appropiate way to store this configuration, and you may retrieve from the device whenever you need


Hope this helps