List thinger switch, push button and diferents actuators

Hello, i wanted information about switch and push button actuators available in thinger. where do i find one list with several codes?

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Sorry @ght777 but I can’t understand what do you mean

When I use switches to activate devices on thinger io, I find only fixed switches, I need a non-fixed, retractable push button switch that only works while pressed.

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Hy @ght777,

OK, this is quite simple, you can program the behavior of the buttons in your device source code, please take a look at the example above, in which I’m building a push button behavior to toggle the value of a digital output, and also taking care about empty pson messages from the server connection:

 thing["Push_button"] << [](pson &in){
      in=false;  //when it is empty no changes are made
      bool val=in;   
             digitalWrite(13,!digitalRead(13));      //new value will be the opposite as before  
       delay(500);  //this delay is the time it will take for the button to return to its common position (off)

Hope it helps

Dear Friend
Thanks for your valuable help, reviewing the solution that you suggested, I want to ask you about the following function:


Why is the number 13 used? to which it corresponds.
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hahah sorry @ght777 it is the GPIO13 of my ESP8266… so you have to put there your LED_PIN, RELAY_PIN, Dx … what you want to control. Of course if you don’t want to control a digital pin, you can place there the instruction you want to be executed when the button is toggle


Good evening thanks for your help
effectively there is a change of state in operation.
But I would like to see graphically that the switch automatically returns to the off position. Is this possible?
Thanks again for your help.

yes! just put a lower value on the delay… with delay(0) it will be automatic. But it is no possible to do that in the widget configuration.