Led indicator widget on boolean variables?

I was a bit baffled:
How can I define a Led indicator widget on a boolean variable?
The possible color options are only available for analog values.


at this moment you can cast your boolean to int:

out = (int) your_bool;

Then, configure the led indicator as:


I will modify the widget for the next release, so it automatically converts booleans to 0/1, so, the widget can be used withtout including the casting :wink:

Yes, thank you, that makes the widget somewhat more intuitive.

By the way: what is the widget for
Pass multiple data?

It is a general purpose indicator. Originally it was a requirement by a client monitoring dozens of batteries, requiring to monitor the state of each battery: battery charging, not plugged or charging, battery charged, plugged and not charging, etc. So, they had a dashboard with the state of each battery.

I have probably not formulated my question the right way.
I have I have defined, according to the example given under “pass multiple data” the following:

  thing["control"] << [](pson & in) {
    displayPage    = in["displayPage"];
    displaySubPage = in["displaySubPage"];
    serialPage     = in["serialPage"];

Well, it compiles, but what widget am I supposed to use, that is able to feed the data?
thank you in advance and regards, keep healthy.

At this moment, the widgets that can control inputs only allow sending on/off with a button, or a value through the slider. The only way to send multiple values at this moment is over the API, as you can see in the device API explorer.