Laundry Machine Notification using ESP8266 &

Hey Guys,

I made a laundry notification system that emails us when the washing machine has stopped.

The project consists of an esp-12e, a single LDR monitoring a LED on the washing machine, all programmed with Arduino IDE to send an email when the machine stops using an active endpoint on


I tweeted a photo of my project and was asked to share it here on the forum. I’ve created a project page on Hackaday to monitor the project as it’s still in prototype stage. I want to learn how to design a simple PCB and make a final version next.

Here’s the page, and it will be updated as the project moves along:

I’m still a very big beginner in this world and I’m sure some of the things I’m doing could be done better. I’ll post up the .ino file onto my hackaday page in a little bit.

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