Just for info: Problem with new browser Edge


I have noticed that the new EDGE browser seems to get into trouble with your dashboard.
If I leave that page half an hour displayed, the i5 processor begins to heat up…

That seems to be specific to the new EDGE AND the Thinger Dashboard with trends…

Just for your info, i am fine with Firefox and it is probably a Microsoft bug.

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Hi, you can try to reduce the number of points in the chart, i.e, using an average Your chart could befenit also in terms of readibility, as it seems to have many sudden spikes. By using a private instance it can be achieved right out of the box, by using a bucket source and applying a mean, i.e, the following chart represent the latest 30 days of data with one point every 5 minutes, but using a mean with 30 min intervals.

If your data comes directly form the device, you can also compute the mean in the device and upload the aggregated data when required, or reduce the timespan shown in the chart.

Anyway, we will take a look on the power consumption, to see if we can improve it.

I just wanted to report the apparent behaviour of new Edge, which takes more resources than old Edge / Firefox.
The load is at best reduced by reducing the length of the plot.
The Maximum / Minimum / Slow values are legal requirements, that cannot be fiddled with.
Anyhow I’m fine with the current situation. It was just a feed-back.

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Finally I found out, that it was my mistake.
I created the dashboard with an overall resolution of 2K and in the browser I scaled down to HD-ready.
So the processor had to draw quite a lot of stuff ( I have a business notebook, not video optimized) and additionally scale it down. That was just a bit too much.
I redesigned the dashboard to HD ready native, and no scaling, and got rid of all the problems.

So once again, nothing is futile, it can always be used as a bad example, not to follow!

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