Ist it normal that this dashboard takes so much resources?

Please try to leave this dashboard 5 minutes open in your browser (Firefox or Chromium, same same):!/dashboards

Then look at your process explorer and/or listen to your fan spinning to cool down the processor…
Imho 2 plots for 24hours at one point per minute (updating only each minute) should not be such a burden for an i5 processor, should it?

I have seen the same behavior, when the browser is left obtaining resources directly from a device.

But it seems to be normal, because I have done other tests with graphics outside of thinger (which run directly from a microcontroller) and if I leave the browser open getting data, it takes a lot of resources too.

Thanks for your fast reply:
“obtaining resources directly from a device” what is this practically?
The sampling interval?
The graphics are plotting from a bucket, not sampling from devices.
I have also another dashboard -almost as complex-, but without tachos, using Text/Values and that one seems to be less resource demanding.

Not from a bucket.

I think is the same phenomena, regardless the source, I guess the situation is in the browser itself, how it handles the incoming data, I’m just throwing ideas, not sure where could be the root of this behaviour.

I just wonder: when a dashboard is left open on a sleeping computer and you wake it up after some hours, all values are “replayed” in fast pace (~3 min per second) until it catches up.
Seen that on Firefox and on Edge.
Isn’t that a huge waste of resources?
What is the purpose of storing values if the computer is not responding for hours?

Hi @rin67630 , the problem here is your chart on “Last 2 Weeks” tab, which holds too much points. If you were on a private instance you will be able to use aggregated data to reduce significantly the number of points.

I see.
The “last 2weeks view” was intended to be fed from the bucket HOUR not the bucket MIN.
I made a mistake, now corrected.

But does the mean that background tabs are processed, even if not displayed?
And what about the “fast replay” upon wake-up from sleep? Which sense does it make?

Hi @rin67630, this is a point we can improve. At this moment the dashboards does not manage the visibility of the page, so dashboards are automatically throttled/paused by the browser when are in background. So, I think this is why it does later a “fast-replay” recovering all the time lost.

However, I found an API that can help the dashboard for this issue. Will take a look on it :ok_hand:

As a user the “fast replay” does not really harm, I just wondered if it helps saving resources on the server side.

However if background tabs are really fully processed and eating resources of both the user computer and the server, this should imho be addressed.

However, I found an API that can help the dashboard for this issue.

That API is intended to address browser tabs, isnt’ it?
The browsers Firefox and Edge already today use less resources when the tabs are not visible.
I was speaking of your recently introduced own tabs of dashboards that seem to be processed despite the fact that they are not shown.