Issue on console/devices

Hi there!
Just a simple question. Why I can’t see, from the devices type dropdown in the device section of console, all the compatible devices which I’m potentially able to connect to my dashboard (es. HTTP device, Sigfox, etc)?
I see only type, but I would like to add an HTTP device, as I’ve look the documentation and I’m searching for it.

Thanks for your availability.

Hello @luigidnl,

Sorry about the lack of information, the platform documentation is being updated right now to the newest features of server, that can be deployed in minutes at The community server has not been updated yet (we hope to be able making it next months), so it does not support HTTP devices integration.

However, you can connect your third party devices following the good-old Sifgox/HTTP-device integration guidelines that still available here:

This integration allows you sending data directly to a data bucket using Open REST API, being able to retrieve that data later to show in dashboard widgets or download in CSV, but it is not able to show real-time device status, call endpoints or make bidirectional communications as will be possible when we make the update.

Hope you find this helpful


Thank you so much, all is clear.

Just another fast information, about pricing plans; for the instance “GROW”, what is indeed multiple user?

Is referred to the administration of the istance or to the subscription of the service?

I mean, in my “GROW” instance I will be able to make other people can subscribe by theirselves ( to set their own dashboards etc) with no extra cost or is needed to pay an extra 110,00€ per each more user?

Sorry if I’m off-topic right now.


Hello @luigidnl,

When you deploy your server you will have one account. Each additional user is an individual account that will be able to use your server and the plugins you have deployed on it so you will share the host capacities with him, but each account will have its own devices, dashboars, buckets, etc… Each of these additional accounts increase the pricing 10€/month. So if you want to deploy a network for 5 customers the cost will be 99+(10x5)=149€.

The users will only be able to register with your authorization, you will have to validate their email in a list. this is important for avoid intruders.

Thank’s you so much for the doubts, it will helps me a lot with the documentation