Is wifimanager.h supported with thinger?

I was wondering how to use the wifi manager library with thinger! Also, my nodemcu resets when using smartconfig!

Hi! Yes, Wifi Manager is supported. There is an example in the library called ESP8266WebConfig that requires Wifi Manager for configure Wifi and credentials. I have just updated the library with a bug fix for that, so it should be available in the following hours from the Arduino IDE (version is 2.5.9).

Thanks for a quick response will try it soon!

Yeah it worked!! :sweat_smile: One silly question! Is there a way to go back to the webconfig again & reconfigure SSID & pswrd

@dnvasta it’s not a silly question. I just tried it and had the same problem
It connects, saves the credentials, and if the Wifi AP disappears, it tries again forever, there seems to be no way to delete the credentials and start over, which defeats the whole purpose of using wifimanager.
@alvarolb I tried this today with today’s code on ESP8266. Is it still in this not really working state?
Also, I was surprised that it forced me to enter my credentials via the web interface, when I had hardcoded them with defines in the code.
Seems to me that ESP8266WebConfig.ino is work in progress.

I tried the more promising ESP8266SmartConfig.ino, but unfortunately whatever method it uses to send wifi creds from android did not work from either of my 2 android phones with android Q.

So, I think the only thing that works is the hardcode everything in the build and don’t move the device after it’s been deployed, unless you can reflash.

As a side note, even when it did connect to wifi, I kept getting

[_SOCKET] Connecting to
[_SOCKET] Using secure TLS/SSL connection: yes
[_SOCKET] Error while connecting!

when the same creds worked fine hardcoded in ESP8266.ino, which is what I’m using now.

Another issue with ESP8266WebConfig.ino is that it requires you write “#define _DEBUG” instead of “#define _DEBUG _” like in the other examples and as mentioned in the docs ( bottom of page ).

Arguably, DEBUG should be defined in all examples IMO, helps users find out what’s wrong.