Is hardware agnostic? (Uploading telemetry of any device via HTTP)


I’d like to ask whether it’s possible to create a device entity whose telemetry will be uploaded to the thinger server via standard protocols (HTTP/REST etc.) instead of the internally handled protoson. If not, implementing it would be a really big step towards making the platform hardware agnostic.

Since there’s an API for sending data to a data bucket through HTTP requests, it should be technically possible to send data to a device entity.

Is such a feature planned? Or, alternatively, is there a workaround for this limitation?


P.S.: Alvaro muchas gracias for your hard work!

Hi, yes, you can push data to a data bucket over a REST API. Take a look to the Sigfox documentation here, it configures an endpoint like you want:

Thanks Alvaro. I believe that this will serve the use case I need it for.

That being said, I do think that conceptually it would be more intuitive (and simpler) for a user to be able to add an arbitrary source of data as a device entity from the Devices page.

The device can then be directly displayed on the main page of the console as usual, used as the source of input for data buckets, etc.

Food for thought :slight_smile: