Is fulfill my needs?

What I’ve done: created a ESP32 device which reads some parameters (temperature, flows, buttons, and etc) and show them on Thinger .io dashboard.

What I want: since I want to improve and reproduce this system comercially to monitor my clients machines, I’m looking for a service that provides me a user management evironment which I can create a dashboard and they could access to read how their machine is running.

Of course I’m aimming to a paid version, but with the free solution I couldn’t find any exemple of how I’m going to manage the users and their dashboards. I saw that the first plan allows 100 devices, but how many dashboads and users can I integrate?

A scenario:
My Client1 bought one monitoring system which I called Monitor1, so for him I’m going to build a dashboard called Dash1 with all the info my Monitor1 (ESP32) device can provide. My client demands 2 user accounts, so the Manager and the Technician can both access the Dash1 to check the machine parameters.

My Client2 bought two monitoring systems, Monitor2_1 and Monitor2_2, so again I’m going to build a dashboard called Dash2, with all the info from both monitors togheter. This time only one user is required to monitor all.

With this characteristics, is Thinger .io able to fulfill my needs?
Once I register a user, how does he access the dashboard, is there an authentication process?
I understood the “branding” ability of the tool, which I can place my logo on the dash to kind of hide that I’m using the Thinger .io solution, is it correct?


As admin, you will be able to handle which user handles which project’s resources, so it totally fits your scenario needs according the resources sharing and users management.

Hope this helps

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I generated the dashboard link through “Dashboard Settings > Share” and sent to my phone, which is not logged in any Thinger. io instance, and I still can see the menu options.

When upgrade to a paid version, is my link will first ask for a authentication (under the users database I registered) to than redirect to the dashboard? Is there a way to only allow the dashboard page to be shown?

Maybe Thinger. io team have an “client view” dashboard page exemple? ^^

Note that community server has a lot of restrictions and has not commercial features, with commercial features you may handle users and projects, and even establish if an user may or not see the main menu, it was aimed to fill that need to handle users and resources, community server has no any of those features.

Hope this helps

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Hi @Leonardo,

I think that will fit your requirements. There are some (paid) features for such use cases:

  • Projects: Any project in is like a workspace, that in your case you can create for each of your customers. Each project can hold any number of resources (devices, buckets, dashboards, or anything you want).
  • Members: A project can hold any number of members, each one with their own permissions or predefined roles, so different members can access different parts of the project. Note that the console is responsive to permissions, i.e., if the member cannot create or modify devices, the options are automatically hidden. There is also an option to completely hide the menu when setting member permissions.
  • Products: In your use case it can be useful to define your device as a product. In a product, you can define a dashboard, the data to be stored, properties, etc. With this approach, you can define your dashboard only once, which is displayed automatically when entering the device associated to this product.

Using members requires at least a medium subscription, which also includes while-labeling.

Please, let us know if you need more details, and let us know if you need an onboarding for the initial setup in case you go for a medium.

Great! :smiley:

Is there a trial period to test this plan?