Is there limit to how much data you can send to data buckets with Free account?


I am currently sending 2/3 resources to 2 separate data buckets. As soon as I add an extra resource to one of the buckets, I get the cannot read socket error message. Could someone tell me if there is a limit on how many bytes of data per write call you can send to a data bucket on the free account?




The limit is related with the frequency (1 min) but you mean about the amount of fields? Idk but for sure more than 3 can be stored.

What is not a good practice is to store a different data set, I mean, if you store value1, value2 and value3, is not ok to store suddenly just the value4, always need to store the 4 values, this to avoid unwanted behavior from database.

Hope this helps

Hi @ega, thanks for your reply, yes you’re right I was referring to the amount of data/fields you can send each time you use write_bucket().

Currently I am using the following resource setup:

thing["Timestamp"] >> [](pson &out){ 
    out["ts"] = timestamp_now;
    out["Force (N)"] = force_volts;
    out["Temperature (deg C)"] = tempInt;

where timestamp_now is a long long int, force_volts is a float and tempInt is an integer. This tries to send to thinger when i write to bucket but it fails and says ‘cannot read socket’. If I remove one of the resource variables, it works just fine.



For sure you can store more than 3 values in a single bucket.

If you remove any value it works or is it a specific one that causes the issue?

Ok, I think I’ve figured out what was happening - I was using littlefs to store data in the flash memory of the nano connect rp2040. For some reason saving to the file system before writing to the bucket was limiting the amount of data I could send to thinger causing a cannot read socket error. Moving the saving to flash code to after the bucket write has fixed this.

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