Is there any API to get device online time, data transfer, online status?

Greetings. As mentioned as the topic, is it possible to get device status, total data transfer or the online time via API?? Thank you for helping, i’m still fresh to API and learning it bit by bits.

Hi, yes, take a look to this documentation.

Hope it helps!

Hello alvarolb, thanks for your prompt response. Meanwhile, i’d followed the guide, and i get return : 404 not found.

Meanwhile, if i use v1, instead of v2, i get return :
{“error”:{“message”:“not authorized”}}

Not sure where i did wrong, please share me some light. Thank you.

Another question, for the connected_ts…the result is in a stream of number. May I know what these number represent? For example : “connected_ts”:1486040468781