IOTMP protocol, does it require both inbound and outbound connection on a firewall?


We’re currently trying to deploy sensors in the corporate space of a client. It’s very difficult to get everything going as these big clients have very restrictive IT rules. I am trying to understand how the IOTMP protocol works, as I cannot find a lot of info for it and all our sensors are using that.

In particular, does a device with the IOTMP protocol as main way to communicate with our instance need both INBOUND and OUTBOUND connection open?

For instance we do OTA firmware updates and other things like varying the polling time etc., so not sure what’s the correct answer.



IOTMP devices should be able to reach your server at port 25200 and 25202 (in case you are using TLS), not inbound port should be reachable from online server to the device.

Hope this helps.

Great thanks a lot for this.