IoT Devices Adoption by Makers

Hi! After some thousands of developers that have joined the platform, I want to share some information about the devices the Maker community is using in their projects.

It is clearly noticeable how the ESP8266 or NodeMCU variant, shares about the 62% of devices being used for Maker projects. Followed by Arduino + Ethernet (10.7%), Raspberry Pi (9%), or Arduino + Wifi (7.7%). It is not strange that ESP8266 is leading the IoT adoption by makers, as it is one of the cheapest chips in the market, with great features, integrated WiFi, and the most important, the awesome Arduino support provided by the community.

Do you have and use any other device or hardware setup that is not listed in this chart?

You can access the interactive chart here: IoT Device Adoption by Makers

(Notice that results may vary as it is a live chart updated with latest results).