Install in Arduino IDE

This topic will cover the installation of the client library in the Arduino IDE. This client allows connecting your things to the platform and make them accesible through a REST API interface.

Arduino IDE

It is required a modern version of Arduino supporting Library Manager and some other features. Please install a version starting form 1.6.3 from the official Arduino download page. This step is not required if you already have a modern version.

Using the Library Manager

The most easy way to install new libraries is by using the Library Manager present in the Arduino IDE. For installing the library please follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Library Manager in the Arduino menu in Sketch >
    Include Library > Manage Libraries

  1. Search the library with name and then click Install You can update the library also from this manager when it is updated.

Manual Installation

If the library manager is not working or you prefer to manage the libraries yourself, you can also install the library by the traditional way.

  1. Download the latest version from the Github repository by clicking in Source Code (zip) and decompress the folder in your computer.

  2. Rename the Arduino-Library-x.x.x folder to something more relevant like thinger.

  3. Copy the whole thinger folder to your libraries folder that is usually located in Arduino/libraries inside your Documents folder. You may create this folder if it does not exists.

Running Some Examples

You can open some basic examples for testing the library with several devices like ESP8266, Adafruit CC3000, Energia CC3200, Arduino Ethernet, Arduino Wifi, or Arduino Yun. These examples are located in File > Examples > In order to get this examples running, you should create your devices in the platform and provide your credentials.

If you need more help about installing libraries, you can take a look to this Arduino Page.