Insert data to bucket gives unauthorized with http POST


I’m having some issues adding some data to my bucket through Rest API. I always get an unauthorized response. I used it on the Sigfox backend but I got the same error when I try the API outside sigfox backend.

More details on my request :


I added the following headers :
Authorization : Bearer myToken
Content-type : application/json

“device” : “test”,
“temperature” : 20,
“humidity” :10

Thanks in advance

can you please upload a picture of your configuration?

Here is the token configuration on

Do you need more information ?

I’ve followed this documentation :

Yes, please, share the Sigfox config also!

Here is the callback set on the sigfox backend.

Like I told you, I also just tried the API with and I got the same error unauthorized.

Thanks @alvarolb

Your content type is not application/json in this screenshot. Your username is not IotBirdFeeder but iotbirdfeeder. Take into account that the login is case sensitive :slight_smile:


Thanks mate, turned out it was a case problem for the bucket name too.

My problem is solved.

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