Input to receive data from a Webhook on the Thinger Server

Hello guys

I’m studying how to implement an “input” on the Thinger Server to receive data from a Webhook.

Initially, I thought of creating an HTTP device to receive the data sent by the Webhook. The data sent by the Webhook is in JSON format. The purpose is to store the JSON data in a bucket for logging.
The practical case:

  1. NodeRed triggers an endpoint, which is configured to trigger an API of a WEB Platform that will send a notification to the target user.
  2. The WEB Platform responds to the Thinger Server, through a Webhook, that the notification was sent successfully.
  3. The HTTP device registered on the Thinger Server receives the data (JSON) from the Webhook.
  4. JSON data is stored in a bucket.

Is this strategy appropriate? What do you think? Is there a problem using the HTTP device registered on the Thinger Server for this function?


I don’t see any problem, but I wouldn’t use a physical device for this, I would create a device and, as the webhook sends json data, aim it to a property of this device, you can catch the property update on the red node and do whatever you want with that payload, the device does not even need to be connected

Hope this helps.