Initialize Sigfox downlink data


Is it possible to initialize a Sigfox downlink data without plugin ?
Is the setup situated in the Endpoints section ?

Thanks for help :wink:

Hi, yes, you can generate a downlink easily on an HTTP devices for sigfox. Just create a property in your device, with a content similar to:

  "{{deviceId}}": {

For example, a device id 123456 with up-to 8 downlink bytes formatted in hex:

  "123456": {

Then, in your device callback configuration set the property you created as the return value:

So, each time Sigfox calls, will receive the downlink information configured in your property. Notice that Sigfox callback should be configured as DATA/BIDIR.

The plugin helps a lot in this task, i.e, you can define downlink data in a more human-readable format, using a JSON with fields not encoded in hexadecimal. Moreover, those fields can be easily modified from a dashboard, so, the downlink data becomes configurable. Then, the plugin transforms this JSON to the format requried by Sigfox.

Hope this help!

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Just another question: how do you link {{data}} value from a dashboard text/value widget ?

The hex {{data}} from the downlink can be linked in a text/value just selecting the source from a device property. But it will show the hex value, not sure if it is useful. A better support will require the plugin.

hum sorry I am confused,

In my dashboard, I’ve got a html widget with select tag:

The value from the selected tag (example : 25) should be send to the Sigfox backend.
If you abstract the fact that it use Hex value, I don’t understand how
“downlinkData”:"{{data}}" should be “downlinkData”:“25”

Can you please give me more understanding ?

I dig a little more to try to understand.
I 've created a property in the device section like this:

Should the “downlinkData”:"{{data}}" be now “downlinkData”:"{{settings}}" or am I wrong ?


After several attempt I can now initialize a uplink and downlink to Sigfox backend.

But I still have misunderstanding about Hex value in the downlink payload.

I understand that I have to convert DEC to HEX value to put in the downlink payload.
As example “21” is the Hex value for 33 in decimal. And 33 represent a setting value.

So why does this works :

“12G6V5”: {
“downlinkData”: “0000000000000021”

but the following give me an “invalid_payload” error on Sigfox backend :

“12G6V5”: {
“downlinkData”: “21”

Thanks for a little help

This is just a Sigfox restriction. For downlink messages, the size of the payload is static: 8 bytes.