Information exported from data bucket is wrong


I am exporting data from a data bucket from custom data:

Nervertheless, when I open the file exported, the information is not OK at all and we do not have information about all columns:

What is happening?

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This behavior is usually caused by an inconsistent data set, when some devices do not load the entire data set the missing fields are not written causing this unwanted behavior, the values do not correspond to their name but are moved to the beginning of the line to fill the next available cell.

Hope this helps.

Hello @ega ,

Thank you for the information! :slight_smile:

This data table has empty cells because the main objective is to have all the sensor information in the same table, so not all sensors measure the same (and therefore, there will be empty cells) and to be able to filter the sensors by model

Likewise, I would like to find a solution. Many other times that I have worked with comma-separated .csv files (as is the case with the file exported from, empty cells are displayed as “;;”. Excel example and its respective csv:

Is there a way for exporting a csv separated by comas where empty cells are “;;”?

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