Information about the "Role" in "User": Domain Admin


I am reviewing the “roles” of “users” within I am looking for information about the role “Domain Admin”, but I am unable to find any details.

Do you know where I could find information about it?

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The “domain admin” role in serves as an administrator role within a specific web domain. This role typically grants broad privileges for performing important administrative tasks such as user management, device configuration, access control, and project monitoring across the entire organization or domain.

Some typical functions associated with the “domain admin” role in might include:

  1. User management: Creating, deleting, and managing user accounts within the domain.
  2. Access control: Assigning permissions and roles to users within the platform.
  3. Device configuration: Registering and configuring IoT devices on the platform.
  4. Project monitoring: Tracking project performance and resource utilization within the domain.
  5. Data management: Administering the collection, storage, and analysis of data generated by connected devices.

In summary, the “domain admin” role in provides a high level of control and responsibility for administering the platform and resources within a specific domain.

I have also updated the docu with this info. hope it helps.

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