Information about free account

i need some information abou the free account:

  • i know that i can only use 2 devices , but each device how many fields can have? i mean how many sensor can be registered with one devices?

  • Given a dashboard Device, can i update the data at least onces per second ? or there is a limit of data trasmission for free account?

  • is mandatory to use data bucket? a Data bucket has the same function of a time series db? how much data it can store?

  • with a free account can i send e-mails alert or something like that?

The guys at are very generous, you can feed as much data per device as your device can provide.

You can update as fast as every second, but be aware: time series with more than 1000 points will strain your browser and their server dramatically if updated every second.

“Free” Data buckets may only be updated >= 60 seconds.
You need them, if you want to be able to recall data existing before your started the dashboard instance.
They can only store one year of data on free accounts, which can be a lot, by the way…

Yes, you can send eMails alerts on free accounts.

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really thanks sir.