Improve ease of use upon copying widgets

Hi, this is not an issue but an improvement suggestion.

Upon copying widgets using device resources the list of values from this resource is limited to the one that was copied.
In order to change to another field one must manually reselect the same resource to get the complete list of available values and then be able to select another one.

Upon copying widgets using device properties the list of values from this property is directly available, which is much more comfortable.

Would it be possible to harmonize the behaviour and get the list of values from resources directly available as well?

Of course, this is just nice to haveā€¦


Hy @rin67630,

Thanks for the message, actually it could be nice, but unfortunately this behavior comes from the way in that the widgets request the available resources to the server, so it would be complex and not very scalable to try to keep a list of all the resources to avoid having to jump to the upper level :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: