HTTP Request for content type

Is it possible to use HTTP post using application/x-www-form-URL encoded content type, in the Endpoint?
I’m tired trying whole day !
BTW I’m trying to link thinger with Nexmo SMS

Oops i figured it out!
There’s an option to send a custom body :grin:

Hi dnvasta,

a whole day!! I’m tired trying two weeks!

I’d like to implement nexmo SMS with my EchoGarage Project. See my post here.

Could you please share how you made it work? What is the code you put into custom body?

Thanks in advance

For sure…
This screenie might help you :smiley:!!

Hi @dnvasta, the body you are sending is a header. So, add it with the above button called add header, where you set the header name and header value. If it is works, it means that the server is not using that :wink:


I can confirm that the POST url without the content-type header works well:

But this does not work:

So far, It is really simple to send a SMS notification using nexmo platform but there is no way to push data from a device into the message body.

For those interesting in finding relevant information click here.