HTTP Post using Tasker

I’m trying to to turn resource “led” to “true” using an HTTP Post in the android app Tasker, but am not getting the Data/File entry right to work correctly. I’m using an ESP8266 and got my led to turn on using the API explorer and IFTTT with no problems. Thanks!

Hi! please, share the link to the Android application for testing (if it is free). Can you also include a screenshot with the configuration (hiding the token access)? Maybe I can see if there is some error in the parameters or the HTTP body.

If you see that the configuration is exactly as the one used in IFTTT, and the IFTTT works fine, maybe you need to include a HTTP header specifying the content type, like the following one:

Content-Type: application/json

Yep that was it, I just needed “application/json” in the Content type field. Here are the screen shots for anyone else that uses Tasker.

Great! What are you doing with tasker?

Tasker allow you to turn any Task into an App that can be installed on any Android phone. In my case my App just sends a HTTP POST to thinger to open/close my garage door on my esp8266. Pretty simple and works great, I just used a esp8266 development board and a reed relay sized for the 3.3v digital output, cost me about $5.

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