HTTP POST method error


In the console/Endpoint section i created a new endpoint type of http request.
My api address:
when i tried to validated the api with swagger, it seems ok. but when i try to connect via thinger with post method ( using with custom body parameters) i get “Too Many Requests

429 Too Many Requests

” error.

i should get a response like this;

  "Token": "XcCP1yN/w20O9ze6irVb6LO43Af4co2GLKatdyDfxCu4=",
  "Version": null,
  "StatusCode": 200,
  "StatusMessageCode": "20",
  "StatusMessage": "Token Result succeed."

Is there anyone had the same problem or idea for solution?


I don’t know too much about that method to connect, but the error says me that there is too much requests, this happens, for example, when you it is not controled how often a microcontroller may call an endpoint, and it calls as much as possible (hundreds or thousands times by second), the platform detects this, ban the device and return this error (or one similar, I don’t remember the specific error).

Check that point in particular, if it is possible that you are getting this error by calling so often the method.

Hope this helps.