Html widget no loner working


I’m facing a problem with HTML widget after platform upgrade.

data doesn’t appear any more. even it was working normally before.

at my case i use bucket as data source. is there any change?

Hi @Moahmed_ELnahas

Indeed, there is a change on how the data source settings are stored and a regression bug has appeared. While we look into it and implement a fix, you can fix it by creating a new HTML widget, pasting the code snippet from the old one, and selecting the bucket and all the fields that the code snippet uses.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

okay, thanks, problem solved by doing that.

I have another question about mobile application and API request

The sorting of tags became alphabetic order, whatever the sorting of tags you send.

For example if I send : site, Compressor , time

It will show like : Compressor , Site , Time.

is there any way to sort them as old way ?

Hi @Moahmed_ELnahas, what is the reason you need JSON keys in the insert order?

because I’m Using andriod application as viewer. after last update data became unsorted which cause a conflict for me.

I know android application just for testing, but it was one of the reasons i used services from beginning, i hope if there is a way to recover it.


Are you using the same fields for all the devices? Because I think it may be useful the PWA feature, as it makes the console behaves as an app, and design a dashboard with those fields and use the source selector widget, so you may choose between the devices and consult the current values.

Hope this helps.

Hello, something similar happens to me!
In various dashboards, I cannot read a resource from a device, while in others (with the same configuration, I can…). I imagine it is something due to the new platform, because it has been happening to me for a few days. … do you know what it could be? Thank you

Es más… cuando quiero hacer una modificación a un dashboard me parece el cartel :
“Save Dashboard: Error: Unknow”