HTML widget doesn't update

i’m trying to use html widget but value cannot be updated.

sensor data is : {{ln-n}}

any help.

Hi, I am new in, but I have some time spent to HTML widgets use.

I think, you have to use {{value}} field anytime in HTML widget. And it doesn’t depend on how the thing is named in the MCU code.

In the HTML widget configuration you already have selected the signal source and, therefore, the Widget knows which value to show when you use {{value}}

Thank you for that, but what if i want to display more than value at the same HTML widget?

is there any way to select multiple items?

I don’t know such a possibility yet. I am interested in the answer to this question as well. )

@JorgeTrincado do you have any information about that?


yes, I think that it is possible. Sorry about the lack of documentation, this widget is actually a beta version, and it’s capacities still being under definition. However, let me check and write you back


thank you, waiting for updates

@JorgeTrincado any updates?

Unfortunately not, I think it will be better going directly to the source… @alvarolb, can you give a hand to this guys?

@alvarolb could you please help??

Hy guys, this is work in progress. A new release of the widgets will be launched soon simplifying the data source settings and also including some new features as multiple data source.


any updates?