How to use the slider Widget?

I have no idea how to use a slider widget with nodeMCU!
Can someone please help me out!

Hi dnvasta,

You can use a slider widget to control your device. It means Slider widget should be associated with an input resource.

From the documentation page: “If you need to control or actuate your IoT device, it is necessary to define an input resource. In this way, an input resource is anything that can provide information to your device. For example, it can be a resource for turning on and off a light or a relay, change a servo position, adjust a device parameter, etc.”

In my recent project EchoGarage, I have added two Slider widgets to my Dashboard in order to dynamically change the value of two variables of my sketch. This way my Slider widgets behave like “Options” or “Settings” just as in any other app.

For example, using Alert Interval widget (see below) I can change the time interval that I receive a notification email.

I hope this will help

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